New User Instructions (Students and Post-Docs)


(a) Instructions for ANY NEW USER:


  • Regardless whether you plan to do the experiments yourself or the micorscopy will be performed by center staff: Go to UMass FOM and create an account
  • Download the 'PI-signature form' from here let your supervisor fill in a valid SpeedType and sign.
  • Return the completed form to the center director.

(b) Additional Instructions for NEW USERS who want to be trained:


  • Make sure you followed the steps above.
  • Apply for training for the instrument you want to use in UMass FOM
  • Choose a date for the Mandatory Instructional Session from below and inform the center director (contact form) in advance which day you plan to attend (see schedule in section c below).
  • Bring the completed 'PI-signature form' it to the Mandatory Instructional Session if you have not already done so.

(c) Mandatory Instructional Session:


  • This training session is required for both grad students and post-docs.
  • The Mandatory Instructional Session to gain access to the EMC will be in Conte B-121.
  • After attending the Mandatory Instructional Session you will schedule your first Hands-On Training.
  • Schedule: 2nd & 4th Friday 2pm~3:30pm Location: Conte B-121

(d) Hands on Training:


  • Hands on training for the individual EMs will be scheduled individually once all requirements for access to the center are met.
  • No personal samples are permitted unless you are instructed to bring one.
  • Make sure to bring a notebook!