Internal Users

New User Instructions (Students and Post-Docs)


(a) Instructions for ANY NEW USER:


  • Regardless whether you plan to do the experiments yourself or the micorscopy will be performed by center staff: Go to UMass FOM and create an account

(b) Additional Instructions for NEW USERS who want to be trained:


  • Make sure you followed the steps above.
  • Apply for training for the instrument you want to use in UMass FOM
  • Choose a date for the Mandatory Instructional Session from below and inform the center director in advance which day you plan to attend (see schedule in section c below).

(c) Mandatory Instructional Session:


  • This session is required for both grad students and post-docs - undergraduate students please contact me directly with requests.
  • The purpose of this session: General information on access to the EMC, EMC account setup, safety. This is an opportunity to prepare questions you might have. Make sure your general lab and fire safety training are up-to-date.
  • The Mandatory Instructional Session to gain access to the EMC will be in Conte B-121.
  • After attending the Mandatory Instructional Session you will schedule your first Hands-On Training.
  • Schedule: 2nd & 4th Friday 1pm~2:30pm Location: Conte B-121

(d) Hands on Training:


  • Hands on training for the individual EMs will be scheduled individually once all requirements for access to the center are met.
  • No personal samples are permitted unless you are instructed to bring one.
  • Make sure to bring a notebook!